Service as a Path to Enlightenment, available in ebook formats through the Foundation Store, is a compilation of two letters—“Cultivating a Skillful Attitude” and “Leading with the Mind of a Servant”—dictated by Lama Zopa Rinpoche for FPMT staff members concerning how to make working for an FPMT center, project, or service the best kind of service. Any student can benefit from reading this text.

“At the Dharma center, we should generate this motivation in the morning after we wake up, wherever we are—in our bed or on a chair,” Lama Zopa Rinpoche writes. “From that time until we die, but especially on that day, we should think: ‘This is how I’m going to think about everybody at the center—the staff and the visitors: “Everyone is most precious, dear and kind.” I’m going to practice this.’ This is what makes our life most happy and joyful. Wow!

“Our heart and all our actions change and we respect everybody. We have good manners and sweet words, and every single action of our body, speech, and mind is respectful. We want to help others, naturally, with deep interest. We don’t get bothered and we are unbelievably happy to help.

“Working at the center is for all sentient beings and especially to spread Dharma—the most important thing that others need to free them from suffering and bring them to enlightenment. That’s our motivation for working at the center with all the staff and visitors. If we keep our mind on this, it’s fantastic and we’re doing the best Dharma practice.

“It’s exactly the same if we are at home with our family or working for a company or the government. Practicing that way, there’s no personality clash. There’s no empty space between that person and us, and everybody is in our heart. Everyone is close to us and we’re very close to everyone. That makes others happy and it makes us happy, so we have the most wonderful life, the best life.”

Service as a Path to Enlightenment is available through the Foundation Store:

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