By Ven. Lobsang Détchèn

Le Service de traduction de la FPMT is very happy to announce its first two audio books: « Premiers pas dans la méditation », which comprises twelve guided meditations specially designed to guide beginners step by step in their meditation practice and « La méthode qui transforme une vie de souffrance en bonheur » [The Method to Transform a Suffering Life into Happiness], which is a recording of the daily practice recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche as an essential practice for all FPMT students. 

One meditation from « Premiers pas dans la méditation » is offered on our YouTube channel and the entire audio book is available on our online shop. « La méthode qui transforme une vie de souffrance en bonheur » is also available on You Tube in both long and a short versions. (It is also available by donation on our online shop for students who wish to have it on their device.)

We hope that our translation and this new way of spreading the Dharma will support the French-speaking students in their daily practices. Many thanks to Catherine, a professional actress, for helping us with these recordings and to Jean-Marie, the sound engineer who ensured a high quality audio for these audio books. 

Listen to an excerpt from « Premiers pas dans la méditation »:

Find more translations of FPMT materials in French:

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