Rolwaling Monastery, Nepal.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche as a young student. Rinpoche attended Rolwaling Monastery between the ages of 7-12.

Thanks to a kind and generous donor, in 2016, a substantial grant was offered from the Supporting Ordained Sangha Fund to Rolwaling Monastery in Nepal, at the Tibet border, for the rebuilding of their gompa which was nearly destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. The buildings were already in poor condition (the gompa hadn’t been renovated since 1957), and the destruction of the earthquake proved too much for the structures to withstand. Rolwaling Sangag Choling is a community-centered monastery and its history spans about nine generations. It is the only monastery in the entire community of Sherpa Buddhists.This monastery is particularly precious to FPMT as Lama Zopa Rinpoche attended this monastery between the ages of 7-12. Geshe Jinpa, a Kopan monk, is overseeing this project and seeing it through to finalization. 

This project not only included the new gompa. A two-storey kitchen was built with dining and lama rooms, a butter lamp house, and an office and storage building were completed. Additionally, a two-storey building has been built between the main gompa and kitchen containing a large prayer wheel beneath and a deity room upstairs; and a very strong stone gabion was built to protect the buildings from the river flowing past and to give a stable support for the structure and also provide an expansion of the courtyard so that more people can be accommodated during teachings and festivals. A passage and fence was built all around the gompa and premises.

Damage to the Rolwaling gompa was extensive following the earthquake.

We are happy to report that a final grant has recently been offered toward the completion of this gompa. This gompa is the sole place in the area where daily prayers, offerings, pujas, retreats, Buddhist teachings, death and dying services, and community events for lay students and ordained Sangha (which can serve up to 300 people at once) are offered.

Please rejoice in this offering made possible by this generous grant. The rebuilding of this gompa helps preserve the local culture and reestablish the monastery as a place for Buddhist practice and community.

If you want to help Sangha, please learn more about the Supporting Ordained Sangha Fund and the ways it supports monasteries and nunneries around the world.