An early morning puja during 2017 Losar at Kopan Monastery.

The Fifteen Days of Miracles began on the first day of the Tibetan new year (Losar, February 16) and continues until March 1. This period commemorates the special time when Guru Shakyamuni Buddha showed many powers. All fifteen days are merit-multiplying days, when the merit of virtuous actions performed on these days is multiplied by 100 million. The Puja Fund makes offerings on Buddha Multiplying Days and sponsors Sangha to offer particular prayers and pujas. We invite you to rejoice in these activities which are dedicated to overcoming obstacles and creating merit for the entire FPMT organization. 

Monks of Sera Mey Monastery offering a puja sponsored by the FPMT Puja Fund.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche has explained that the karma of group practice is more powerful than individual practice. “The karma of one ordained Sangha reciting a sutra in a temple or room alone, compared to reciting a sutra with all the assembly of Sangha present, the latter one—reciting a sutra with all the Sangha—is much more powerful…. The more people there are supporting the practice, the more powerful it becomes…. When the karma is more powerful, the result comes more quickly.”

This year, Losar fell on February 16. The Fifteen Days of Miracles continue through March 1. During this time the following offerings, practices and pujas are being sponsored by the FPMT Puja Fund on behalf of all the donors and the whole FPMT family. Please take a moment to rejoice in these incredible offerings!

  • Offerings are made to all of Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s gurus.
  • Offerings are made to over 15,650 ordained Sangha including IMI communities around the world. 
  • Bouddhanath and Swayambunath stupas are offered white wash and four giant saffron flower petals and new umbrellas to the stupas’ pinnacles.
  • Buddha inside the Bodhgaya Mahabodhi temple is offered a new set of robes of the most precious material.
  • 650 monks recite the Prajnaparamita (three versions) at Gyurme Tantric College.
  • 10,200 monks offer the practice of Druk Chu Ma, Namgyäl Tong Chö, and Zangcho at Sera Je, Sera Mey, Drepung Gomang Loseling and Deyang monasteries.
  • Druk Chu Ma, Medicine Buddha Puja and Zangcho are offered at Gaden Jangtse and Shartse Monasteries.
  • Namgyäl Tong Chö and Zangcho is offered at Gyuto Tantric Colleges.
  • A full set of robes is offered to all FPMT geshes and resident teachers.
  • Printing of the Sutra of Golden Light 6 times, Arya Sanghata Sutra 10 times, Vajra Cutter Sutra 200 times, and the Amitayus Long Life Sutra 20 times is offered by IMI Sangha.
  • 100 Indian rupees and lunch was offered to 1,200 Sangha at the Monlam celebration at Kopan Monastery, Nepal. 

Even just remembering these offerings, pujas, and practices and rejoicing in them brings so much merit. Thanks to all for being part of this incredible list of offerings and activities which are dedicated to all beings. 

All are welcome to donate to the Puja Fund and directly support these most precious offerings.