Most precious Jowo Buddha statue in Tibet.

On full moons and during Sakadawa the Puja Fund sponsors special offerings to the Jowo Buddha Statue in Tibet. Gold is offered to the statue’s face (and will soon be offered to the whole body on Buddha days) and robes are offered to the body. The cost of the precious robes is US$28 and the cost of offering gold to the whole body is approximately US$1,528. 

Lama Zopa Rinpoche has indicated that he wants this offering to continue as long as possible, for many lifetimes. 

Also said to have been blessed by Shakyamuni Buddha himself (making it approximately 2,500 years old), the Jowo Buddha statue is one of the most sacred statues in all of Tibet. Originally crafted in India, the Jowo was brought to China, and then brought to Tibet by the daughter  of the Chinese emperor, Princess Wenchen Kongjo, upon her marriage to Songsten Gampo. The Jowo Buddha statue resides in the central chapel of the Jokhang, among the most holy temples in Lhasa.

Gold offered to Jowo Buddha statue.

About the power of statues of Buddha, Lama Zopa Rinpoche has said, “The benefit we get each time we see a statue of Buddha, a picture of Buddha, or a stupa is like the limitless sky. It causes us to achieve all the realizations from guru devotion up to enlightenment and to achieve all the numberless qualities of the Buddha’s holy body, speech and mind.” 

Please rejoice in this ongoing offering which will continue as long as possible to fulfill Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s wishes. 

All are welcome to donate to the Puja Fund and directly support these most precious offerings.