A puja was offered on the site of the new large stupa in Thame, Solo Khumbu.

A large stupa is being built in Thame in the Solo Khumbu district of Nepal to replace one that was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. The new stupa, which will stand nearly 44 feet tall with a base measuring 56 feet across, will be larger than the one which previously stood on the site.

The site of the destroyed stupa in Thame, Solo Khumbu.

About the benefits of building stupas, Lama Zopa Rinpoche has said:

“By building a stupa, without words we are continually liberating so many sentient beings. Every day, the stupa plants the seed of enlightenment and purifies anybody who sees, touches, remembers, talks or dreams about the stupa. This includes insects that touch the stupa. The stupa is meaningful to behold, and it liberates many sentient beings, insects and humans, every day.

“When the wind touches a stupa—especially if it has the four dharmakaya relics inside—the wind becomes blessed. Then, wherever the wind goes and whoever it touches, it liberates them from the lower realms, by purifying their negative karma. When rain falls on the stupa, that water liberates any being it touches—all the worms in the ground etc, are liberated from the lower realms. It is similar with dust.”

This stupa will be filled and consecrated according to instruction with holy objects and precious materials such as Dharma texts.

The stupa will be filled with holy images and objects, mantras and the relics of holy beings.

This new stupa project is being managed by Tenpa Choden from Kopan Monastery. The Holy Objects Fund was very pleased to offer US$100,000 toward this stupa which will have a final cost of approximately $US400,000. This very large and impressive stupa will bring ongoing benefit to all sentient beings who make contact with it. 

We look forward to providing more updates and details on this project as it progresses. 

You can watch a short video of a puja being offered on the site of this new stupa:

If you would like to contribute to the building of holy objects around the world, you are welcome to offer any amount to the Holy Objects Fund which contributes to the creation of stupas, prayer wheels and statues.