Dharma wheel painted by Gelek Sherpa

FPMT Education Services develops, reviews, and constantly improves a range of introductory to advanced Buddhist education programs available in FPMT centers and online; publishes practice materials in digital and hard copy formats; works with translators and editors to translate crucial texts; and oversees the registration process for and provides support to non-Tibetan teachers.

With all that we offer, we wanted to remind you of some of the services available to you and your Dharma community:

Education Programs

FPMT education programs help students learn, study, and meditate on the Dharma. We offer a range of Buddhist study programs, available in FPMT centers, as homestudy courses, or online through the FPMT Online Learning Center. From introductory courses to opportunities to study the highest philosophical texts, we provide everything needed to learn, practice, and fully realize the Buddha’s teachings.

Practice Materials

FPMT Education Services produces a variety of prayer books, practices, and texts available as hard copy materials and/or ebooks and PDF downloads. Most of our practice materials are offered  as free downloads or by donation only

Photo by Olivier Adam


FPMT Translation Services is responsible for overseeing the standardization of English translation terminology within the FPMT, revising existing translations, and managing the production of new translations. We work with translators around the world to translate Tibetan texts into various languages. If you would like to help fund this beneficial translation work, please see our FPMT Translation Fund.


The Teacher Registration Committee is responsible for overseeing the registration process for teachers qualified to teach in FPMT centers, projects, and services; provides support to registered teachers; creates and adjusts teacher-related policies; and works with centers on teacher invites. Lama Zopa Rinpoche has explained, “Offering qualified teachers, teaching the correct path to enlightenment, is one very powerful thing we can do for sentient beings. We are able to give sentient beings the correct path to enlightenment. In the world, even with Buddhism, there can be misunderstandings of the teachings, wrong teachings, and if one practices those, one can’t achieve and complete the path.”

We hope that you will take advantage of all that FPMT Education Services has available to support your Dharma study and practice.

Through comprehensive study programspractice materialstraining seminars, and scholarships, FPMT Education nourishes the development of compassion, wisdom, kindness, and true happiness in individuals of all ages.