Students can access FPMT Education materials, prayers, and practices in a variety of formats including ebooks. A wide selection of ebooks can be found at the Foundation Store and a growing number are being made available on the Amazon Kindle Store

One benefit of purchasing from the Amazon Kindle Store is that your purchase will be available in your Kindle Cloud Library and can be sent to any device on which you are able to read Kindle books. Additionally, your devices will sync, allowing you to pick up where you left off no matter what device you are using.

An advantage of obtaining ebooks directly from the Foundation Store is that each order comes with a copy of the mobi, epub and PDF versions of each title, which can be utilized according to your preferences and needs. 

We are particularly pleased to release Lama Chöpa Jorchö as an ebook. This practice is especially useful to FPMT students. “Practicing this Guru Puja [Lama Chöpa], which is an integration of the three deities, makes it much easier to achieve enlightenment in a brief life of this degenerated time, ” Lama Zopa Rinpoche explains. “Doing this practice every day, with purification and many infinite skies of merit, brings the mind closer to the path to enlightenment and closer to enlightenment itself, and so much closer to freeing all sentient beings from obscurations and suffering and leading them to enlightenment. Putting the meaning of this into practice in ones life makes each day extremely rich and worthwhile.”

Through comprehensive study programspractice materialstraining seminars, and scholarships, FPMT Education nourishes the development of compassion, wisdom, kindness, and true happiness in individuals of all ages.