Last year Lama Zopa Rinpoche visited the Lugsam Samduling Home for the Aged and Disabled in Bylakuppe, India, and spent time with the residents there.

Last year, the Social Services Fund offered several grants to elderly homes in India occupied by Tibetan refugees. Without such facilities, many elderly, first-wave Tibetan refugees, who often are without families of their own, have little prospect of accommodation or support. By offering assistance in this way, FPMT can help repay the kindness and bravery of the Tibetan people.

Built in 1968, the current accommodation must be demolished and new accommodation built

One residential home that needs a lot of support is the Lugsam Samduling Home for the Aged and Disabled in Bylakuppe, India. The home is building ten essential new rooms for residents that will feature excellent ventilation and security.

The existing building was constructed in 1968 and is on the verge of collapse. The foundation and walls cannot withstand renovation and thus will be demolished and a new permanent building constructed in its place. The new accommodation will be designed in blocks, allowing residents to enjoy increased privacy.

The Social Services Fund is very pleased to offer a grant for five of the ten new rooms, the remaining five being covered by another sponsor.

We will continue to support elderly Tibetan refugees in whatever way we are able. For example, we have already begun to assess where holy objects can be built so that residents of homes such as the Lugsam Samduling Home for the Aged and Disabled can benefit from their blessings.

FMT Charitable Projects in honored to support the homes of elder and destitute Tibetan refugees. You can show your support by making a donation to the Social Services Fund

FPMT is committed to assisting Tibetan communities in need. You can read about recent support given to a Tibetan settlement for refugees in South India, including a grant toward a new community center and food for an elderly home.