Lama Zopa Rinpoche discusses the suffering of animals and how to help them with Dr. Howard Ralph and Tania Duratovic.

In March of this year, Tree of Compassion brought veterinarian Dr. Howard Ralph to the Animal Liberation Sanctuary in Nepal to perform critical surgeries on animals who would otherwise suffer and die without them. 

The visit also gave Dr. Howard the opportunity to assist with other animals at the sanctuary, give lectures for veterinary students in Kathmandu and help a local animal shelter with some difficult cases. 

Every year around the world, millions of animals die or suffer needlessly. In countries such as Nepal, the care and management of animals is particularly poor. Nepal is still home to a number of festivals in which animals are violently and brutally ritually slaughtered each year. The Animal Liberation Sanctuary benefits animals by sparing them from impending death and suffering but they are also are exposed to Dharma teachings, regularly hear mantras, and are led around holy objects to create merit for their next life and purify their minds.  This work also allows those who support the work the chance to create merit and purify life-obstacles.

Dr. Ralph examines Nyingjey the goat after surgery with Animal Sanctuary coordinator Tania Duratovic and manager Pema.

You can watch a short video about one goat named Osel’s surgery. Osel’s fractured leg was fixed with surgery which hopefully means he won’t lose his leg.

Last week, Dr. Howard Ralph was presented with an Alumni Award for Services to Humanity from the Sydney University Veterinary Science department. This recognition is very deserved for a man who gives his time and expertise so tirelessly to animals in need. 

Please rejoice in the ongoing compassionate work of the Animal Liberation Sanctuary for many animals in Nepal who would simply die or live lives of terrible suffering if not for the sanctuary’s kind care. 

All are welcome to contribute to the work of the Animal Liberation Sanctuary

The Animal Liberation Fund supports weekly animal liberations and extensive dedications offered by Sangha at the residences of Lama Zopa Rinpoche. When funds allow, additional animal liberations conducted in Singapore and Hong Kong are supported, as well as efforts to save the lives of animals at the Animal Liberation Sanctuary in Nepal, MAITRI Charitable Trust in India and elsewhere. You are welcome to offer any amount toward this ongoing work.