Beautiful hand-painted houses for the prayer wheels. Photo by Laura Miller.

Last year, the Holy Objects Fund offered a substantial grant to the Mani Chungyur, Stupa, and Water Park, a project being built in Namche Bazaar, Nepal, located in the Sagarmatha National Park and Buffer Zone (SNPBZ). The grant is being used for five prayer wheels which will be turned by flowing water, thus blessing all of the water used throughout the entire park. This project is also a restoration of original prayer wheels and artwork and will become a tourist attraction that is beneficial for the visitors. 

Mandala Publication’s managing editor Laura Miller recently visited the park and reports that all appeared to be finished except for the actual prayer wheel installation. She also commented, “It was beautiful and amazing to see. The fresh water rushing down the hill, through the houses for the prayer wheels and the fountain shooting a spray of water up.” 

The park is attending to practical as well as spiritual needs of the community. The water from the water park runs under a small bridge to a laundry area. In this way, locals can bring their washing to be cleaned in the blessed water! 

The water from the water park runs under a small bridge to the laundry area. Photo by Laura Miller.

Five restored prayer wheels are being installed in the new park. Photo by Laura Miller.

The prayer wheels will be turned by flowing water. Photo by Laura Miller.

Please rejoice in the progress of the new Mani Chungyur, Stupa, and Water Park which will bring so much benefit to residents of Namche Bazaar and tourists alike due to the incredible power of the prayer wheels

If you would like to contribute to the building of holy objects around the world, you are welcome to offer any amount to the Holy Objects Fund which contributes to the creation of stupas, prayer wheels and statues.